Sunday January 17
SCCA Florida Region is hosting a Regional RallyCross event at Thundercross MX Park
Sunday, August 30th.
    Our events cater to all levels of experience and promote good sportsmanship and fun competition, all in a family friendly setting. Come on out and drive or just spectate to learn more and get the fever!  RallyCross combines the features of Solo II and ProRally, which allows drivers to race against the clock on open field. A range of vehicles from stock to full race all compete for the best combined times in their respective class.
    Required safety is stock or better seatbelts and Snell 90 or better helmet in good condition (some loaners available).

As in Solo II, drivers staff locations on the course for safety between their own runs. The course is relatively smooth with elevation changes and varied soil/surface types. The course condition will change throughout the event and may necessitate a change to the course if heavily rutted or unsafe conditions arise. Organizers have the right to change the course AT ANY TIME during the event. As in ProRally, there is no guarantee all competitors will have the same course conditions.

$ 50 per driver, SCCA Members (must have current card)
$ 60 per driver, Non Members (with weekend membership)
(All drivers must have valid drivers license)
$10 Spectators. All attendees required to sign waiver.
Classes & Rules:

SR – Stock Rear Wheel Drive•
SF – Stock Front Wheel Drive•
SA – Stock All-Wheel Drive•
PR – Prepared Rear Wheel Drive•
PF – Prepared Front Wheel Drive•
PA – Prepared All-Wheel Drive•
M2 – Modified 2 Wheel Drive•
M4 – Modified All-Wheel Drive•

Countyline Dragway
Event Schedule:
Sunday January 17th
9:00 am Registration, Safety Inspection
10:00 am Driver's meeting & Course walk/drive through
10:30 am First Car Off (6 Runs)
4:00 pm Approx. Secure Course

For more information contact:
Bob Ricker 954-782-282Bob Ricker
FAX completed registration form to:
If you have competed with us before, email Bob Ricker at
Photo courtesy of: Rally America
   Date                                          Event
01.17.2010   2nd Round Rallycross at Thundercross
02.27.2010   3rd Round SCCA National RallyCross at Thundercross
04.11.2010   4th Round RallyCross St. Lucie Fairgrounds
05.30.2010   5th Round RallyCross at Homestead-Miami Speedway
07.11.2010   6th Round RallyCross at Thundercross
08.15.2010   7th Round RallyCross at St. Lucie Fairgrounds
09.12.2010   8th Round SCCA RallyCross at Rucks RV Resort
10.03.2010   9th Round RallyCross at Thundercross
11.07.2010   Final Round RallyCross at L-cross Extreme Events

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